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I love coding for fun! The content below shows some of the things I played with during the pandemic.

My "Pandemic Hobby":

This is an information architecture experiment, using a force directed graph visualizer adapted from here, which was rewritten to use the ECS pattern. The video shows the .NET dependency graph of the running application at the Assembly level.

WebGL Visualizations in Unity:

These add graph nodes randomly and push them apart using a "force directed" algorithm. They will run in most modern browsers, but they do take a minute to load, so be patient. Best viewed in full screen mode.

Kid wanted different colors

Added "Shapes" library for nice lines and 2D effect

Random graph generation.

Fun with graphs and the camera's frustum planes in Unity:

Ported to Unity

Real-time dependency graph of Unity's Mono runtime. Graph data objects and ECS system is platform independent, and Unity handles drawing pretty pictures. The beauty of this is that I can run the same systems headless at the command line on a workstation or server process.

Early Graph Experiments

Learning the basics of Unity